Family Caregiver

Building a Community, One Individual at a Time.

Founded in 1995, we are a well-established organization that provides a large variety of services.  The supports that we offer include: Foster Care Services, Children’s Extensive Supports, Supported Living Services, Host Homes, Community Participation Services, Supported Community Connections, Specialized Habilitation, Independent Living Services and Vocational Rehabilitation Services.   

We believe that we have one of the most important jobs there is: enhancing the quality of peoples’ lives. We take the time to gather the right tools and identify the appropriate resources so that we are enabled to provide individuals ample opportunities to make informed and healthy choices about their lives. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to build an inclusive and supportive community for the people we serve, and we are doing just that, one individual at a time.

Our Vision

In an ethical and entrepreneurial spirit, we will partner with individuals to achieve personalized opportunities that honor the dignity of choice and allow for meaningful contributions in their communities.

Our Values


We work to ensure that individuals experience meaningful opportunities to be active participants and contributors within their communities. Being a member of an inclusive and supportive community is something that everyone at PPCH is deserving of.

Personal Growth

We respect the talents that all individuals bring to their career and believe that competitive work in integrated settings fosters self-sufficiency, independent living skills, self-esteem and a sense of belonging within the community at-large. We encourage everyone at PPCH to continue learning and growing in an effort to become their best possible self.


We value empathy and strive to respect the life experiences of those in our community.


We value the importance of family in an individual’s happiness and success. We honor the contributions they offer in the lives of those we serve and seek to promote a healthy balance for our employees.

Acceptance & Equality

We acknowledge and celebrate the unique gifts and talents that each and every one of us bring to PPCH and openly celebrate our differences. Being treated fairly and equitably is highly regarded.

Innovative Thinking

We strive to develop creative options and approaches that honor the gifts, talents and dreams of those in our community.

Individualized Approach

We respect that each individual has different strengths, goals, desires and challenges. We pride ourselves on delivering unique solutions to meet the challenges that individuals experience.

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