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Supported Community Connections


At PPCH, we recognize that individuals want to access their community on a regular basis and in a meaningful way.   To achieve this, we have created a day program that allows individuals to learn and explore their community each day, while participating in a variety of volunteer and recreational activities.  These small groups of participants access their community utilizing our door to door transportation with skilled PPCH staff. Creating networks of relationships who live and work in a specific community is how we all build social capital. Having rich networks of people that we have relationships with creates a sense of joy and connectedness to our community. That is why we call ourselves Connect!  

These program activities include community volunteer work with local non-profit organizations, recreational activities that promote a healthy and active lifestyle, tours of local businesses to expand their knowledge of potential work opportunities, making small purchases to enhance their skills in money management, along with tours of museums and nature centers.


If you are interested in becoming involved in the Supported Community Connections program, please contact:

Lindsey Kusnick, Director of Community Programs

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