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Independent Living

Who lives in an Independent Living Setting?

Our Independent Living program supports individuals living in their own apartment while receiving a variety of residential supports and services. PPCH staff works with each individual to identify and secure an apartment that meets their needs and preferences. Once they are living in the apartment, they receive drop-in staff support and are offered a variety of opportunities for community activities and socialization.

How does the Independent Living Program assist individuals?

Staff meet with each customer for 2 to 12 hours per week to help with daily needs, laundry, cleaning , cooking, and shopping. Staff also fill a weekly medication reminder box for daily medications. Our IL program also supplies Medical Support staff to schedule and transport clients to various medical appointments, as well as keeping track of all regular medical needs.

Where in the community do the individuals reside?

When a customer is in Independent Living they can live in any apartment they wish to live, in any part of Metro Denver. The price of the Apartment needs to meet our budget and the clients need to be approved by the apartment complex. With the customers Social Security assistance, PPCH assists with utilities.

What if an emergency comes up?

Customers will have access to PPCH’s emergency on call phone numbers for both an on-call Program Director and the Nurse on call. Customers in our Independent Living program are also taught to call 911 for emergencies and are provided a list of emergency contact numbers.


If you are interested in more information on Independent Living, please contact:

Lindsey Kusnick, Director of Community Programs

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