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Work Skills Training and Employment @ Jack’s & Steamers

For more information about employment opportunities at Jack’s & Steamers, please contact Athan Miller.

PPCH offers its team members the experience of working in a safe and supportive, staffed environment that allows for mistakes to be viewed as learning experiences. A Supported Employment Group is an important stepping stone for individuals who are ready to move into a working experience, yet need readily available supports and training to decrease barriers to individualized community employment.

We seek to match individuals with work that aligns with their interests and abilities so that the possibility of a successful and positive working experience is maximized. PPCH works in collaboration with Jack’s & Steamer’s (a restaurant/prep kitchen/coffee shop/catering company) and SustainAbility (a recycling company), to offer integrated, on-the-job supports and training at minimum wage or above.

    Types of jobs @ Steamers

    • Customer service at our coffeeshop and restaurant
    • Food preparation, including slicing and dicing vegetables, portioning meats, and making homemade sauces and condiments
    • Dishwashing
    • Making small-batch jams
    • Catering and food delivery

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